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As the weather starts to get warmer we want to walk about barefoot or in flip flops. However, our piggies have been hiding away in socks and snow boots. There’s no telling what condition our feet are in! We know how hard it is to take proper care of our feet. It is even more difficult to find foot Care Products that work properly and are not filled with junk ingredients.

Here at Essentials by Catalina, we strive to help you save as much as your customers soles (literally). Try marketing a combination of products as a set. For example make a Foot Soak and After-Soak Moisturizer in a set.

Soak it up

Starting customers off on the right foot with a great foot-soak is the best way to pave a path to healthy feet. Here are some recipes that target different needs.

recipe for foot soak
Recipe for foot soak

Inflammation fighting foot soak recipe: Start with our Epsom salts, naturally rich in magnesium and easily absorbed through the skin. This salt is known for its soothing effects on inflamed and achy joints. In this recipe I include Green Tea Extract for several reasons. Green tea is known for its anti inflammatory properties. The extract makes for a perfect additive because it has no smell, so you can use any essential oil without combining scents, and you reap all the benefits from the plant. Any Essential Oil can be used for this recipe, however I recommend our Lavender, Fir Needle, or Rosemary Oils for their inflammatory fighting properties.

Fungus and stinky feet fighting foot soak recipe:

man feet soaking in a bowl of foot soak
foot soak

May it be athletes foot or a bad case of the sweats, stinky fungus feet is a common issue. Making a fungus fighting “remedy” is a great way to attract customers in search of some relief. Give them a fighting chance by trying this recipe. Luckily we at Essentials By Catalina carry essential oils known to have antifungal properties such as:

Batch recipe
Batch recipe


Start with a ten pound bag of our Bath Salts, the grain you choose is completely optional. Then choose one of our Essential Oils that are known for having anti-fungal properties. This recipe calls for 2% essential oil because this product is meant for the feet. The skin on feet is less sensitive than most parts of the body, therefore being able to handle more fragrance. For an extra kick, we added Lavender Extract for a boost of anti microbial properties. Our lavender extract has no odor making it compatible with any essential oil.

Mix all of the ingredients in large bowl with your hands. Adding color is completely optional, if you choose to do so be sure to use powder cosmetic grade colorant.

After Soak

application of foot cream
Foot cream

Using a good moisturizer after a good soak is extremely important, not doing so can worsen dry cracked feet. We carry many fantastic moisturizing bases. Essential Oils and Extracts can be added to further enhance the effect of the soak. Here are some ideas for after soak moisturizers we make.

Try these bases:


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