Relaxing Gift Set Ideas

Relaxing gift set ideas are easy to overthink because everyone’s idea of relaxation is different. Here are some relaxing gift set ideas that are perfect for any occasion and cover a spectrum of customers. There are many ways of inducing the feeling of tranquility, for example, essential oil aromatherapy is becoming very popular among spas and salons, as well as with stay-at-home moms. Promoting relaxation in your line is a great way to bring in business, large or small. Relaxed themed gifts are the best because most people love to take a moment to pamper themselves.

Relaxing Gift Set Ideas

Lavender Bath

If your goal is relaxation Lavender is a must! Lavender is a popular choice, as it induces calm and aids in falling asleep. You can’t go wrong with lavender scented products when relaxation is the goal.

Give your customers everything necessary for a day of pampering. Lavender scented Creamy Milk Bubble Bath is a perfect choice.
Pair that with lavender scented foaming bath salts to add extra bubbles and that salty soaking goodness to the bath.
Lavender scented Sugar Scrub is great to use pre-bath. There’s nothing like buffing your body smooth with a luxurious sugar scrub, then soaking in a hydrating tub of decadent bubbles.

Pampered Pedicure


  •  An Epsom salt foot soak scented with Rosemary Peppermint Essential Oil is a great way to begin a relaxing pedicure. Epsom salts are known to reduce inflammation, which is the root cause of aches and pains. Another benefit of an Epsom salt foot soak is that your customers don’t need to visit an expensive salon, they can enjoy the soak right within the comfort of their own home.
  • Look for our recipe for the foaming sugar scrub. It is the perfect choice for a buffing tired feet and It’ll leave the tootsies looking pampered refreshed.
  • Whipped body frosting is great for applying after a soak and scrub. It is rich and creamy and creamy, and it’ll leave skin buttery soft.

Soothing Aromatic Shower

  • Shower steamers cater to those who don’t have a bath and can’t indulge in an aromatic bath. Hot water will activate the essential oils in the steamers and will make aromatherapy steam.
  • Our glowing skin sugar scrub is perfect for the shower. It is great for slathering on and buffing away the dead skin.

Massage Therapy

  • Nothing is more relaxing than a massage. Use our walnut body scrub in the shower to massage on the back, legs, arms, and chest. The walnut shell powder gently scrubs and massages the skin while in the shower.
  • Our massage lotion is a great option for those who want a massage medium without a greasy oily residue left over. And it differs from our other lotions because it has more glide.
  • For those who want a solid handheld option, our solid lotion bar is a great option, You can add extra oils for a bit more glide. However, our formula works great as is. Just look at these massage bars from our Valentines day post.

    More than a massage
    Lotion Bar Base With Embedded Flowers




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