Quick Grinch Soap Tutorial

Our quick Grinch soap tutorial is the perfect quick fix for a last minute stocking stuffer. We have all the materials you need to make this adorable soap. They look cute on their own, however they can be paired with other Grinch inspired products. This quick Grinch soap tutorial is fast enough to be pulled off hours before needed.

You will need:

  1. Clear Melt & Pour Soap
  2. White Melt & Pour Soap
  3. Glitters ( Rose Gold & Midnight Sky)
  4. Soap Colorant: Cherry, Green, Neon Yellow
  5. Fragrance (something Holiday Related)


  1. A heat source to melt the soap and compatible container.
  2. Silicone mold. (heart or square shaped)
  3. Heart shaped cookie cutter (small enough to fit inside the main mold with plenty of space around)

Quick “Grinch” Soap Tutorial Steps:

  1. Melt enough clear soap to cover the bottoms of your mold. Then add cherry colorant, glitters, and fragrance.
  2. Pour a thin layer into the bottom of the molds (about 1/4 inch) . Then let cool for about an hour, or until completely set.
  3. Using the heart shaped cookie cutter, make enough shapes to fit one inside of each main mold cavity. Lay one shape inside each cavity and spray with alcohol.
  4. Melt enough white soap to fill all the cavities, add fragrance, and then add green and neon yellow colorants. Both colors are essential in order to get the perfect Grinch green.
  5. Gently pour the green soap over the embeds and fill the mold. Then spray with alcohol and let the soap harden over a few hours.

Tips and ideas

The perfect green Grinch shade: To get your soap the perfect shade of Grinch you will need to use equal parts of green to neon yellow. If you only use green, the color will look bland and just plain green. Neon yellow gives depth and character to the color.

Pair it with other Grinch themed Products: Put regular Body Spray into a green bottle for a “Grinch-Be-Gone Spray”. Or use the same color scheme for a Grinch body scrub.

Rainbow of lights glitter: Using Both of the Midnight Sky and Rose Gold glitter will produce a rainbow of color. Just use a 50/50 ratio.


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