Protective Argan Hair Perfume

Hair perfume… what is it? At first when we were brought up with this concept, we thought, Isn’t it just perfume? As a matter of fact, we thought the idea seemed impractical. But after some research, we found that protective argan hair perfume is indeed a legitimate product. And that the market can certainly use a product such as this.

Hair Perfume Recipe

Our Argan Hair Shine Spray base is the perfect starting point for a protective hair perfume. Luxurious and effective, locks are left polished and smooth. Plus, we carry an array of fragrances that will suit any taste. Floral, Fresh, Sweet, you name it.

  • Argan hair shine spray Base
  • fragrance oil
  • Bottles with sprayers

Hair perfume mixing instructions.

  1. Add the fragrance oil strait into the gallon of the base.
  2. Cap the gallon tightly and shake well.
  3. Once there is no visible oil floating around the gallon, It can be filled into your bottles.

Protective Argan Hair Perfume Purposes

Use our base for a luxurious Hair Perfume
  • Moisturizes and softens: The Argan oil in this base moisturizes the hair without weighing it down.
  • Gives shine: High end silicons and oil work together to polish the hair strands.
  • Covers up dry shampoo smell: For those who don’t fancy the smell of their dry shampoo have the chance to cover it up with their preferred fragrance.
  • Great for in between wash days: In between wash days are freshened up with the fragrance of the hair perfume, all while giving extra luster.
  • Protects hair from heat styling tools: The silicone in the base coats each strand and protects the hair from direct heat. So this is a great styling tool companion.

How To Use Protective Argan Hair Perfume

Use on wet hair

First of all, It works wonders right out of the shower. Whether your shampoo and conditioner have a strong scent, the protective argan hair perfume will add fragrance and luster to your freshly washed hair.

Apply before using heat tools!

Second, spray it on your hair before you apply any heat. Be sure to let all the alcohol dissipate before you straiten, curl, or blow dry your hair. The silicone will protect and polish each strand that goes under the heat.

Add luster and shine to those locks!

Finally, Use the hair perfume whenever you want to freshen up or your hair needs extra shine.

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