Peach Sweet Tea Soap

An eye-catching soap is a must for your display shelves, our recipe for a Peach Sweet Tea Soap gives you just that. It is a perfect soap for spring and summer, with bright colors and a made for Summer scent!

This is an intermediate tutorial using Essentials By Catalina’s Super Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base. The Fragrance chosen for this soap is our Peach Sweet Tea Fragrance Oil.

Peach Sweet Tea Soap

You Will Need:

  • Super Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
  • Peach Sweet Tea Fragrance Oil
  • Soap colorants: Orange, Yellow, and Caramel

Other Materials Needed:

  • Heat source
  • Heat safe container for soap
  • Rectangular loaf mold
  • Wedged fruit like mold
  • Pipettes
  • Soap cutter

Please Note: Do these steps at least 4 hours before Phase 2!

You cannot freeze the Super Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base to help it cool, for it will turn hazy. This soap tutorial cannot be rushed.


(Phase 1)

For the “ice cubes” melt Super Clear Soap, then add 1% Fragrance. Once the fragrance is completely mixed in and the soap is no longer hazy, pour it into the loaf mold. Let the soap harden completely before moving onto phase 2.

For the “peach slices” melt Clear Soap, and add Orange Soap Colorant and Fragrance. Once it is mixed, pour it into the wedged fruit mold and let set.

Let all of these components completely set and cool (about 4 hours).

(Phase 2)

Start melting enough Clear Soap to fill the rest of your mold. While your soap is melting, cut the block of Super Clear Soap ice cubes prepared earlier into shapes. Then lay them randomly, yet evenly around your loaf mold. Then take the “peach slices” prepared earlier and scatter them like the “ice cubes”.

Once the clear soap is melted evenly, add the 1% fragrance and a 2-1 ratio of caramel colorant to yellow for a tea-like color. Use your best judgement, some like their peach sweet tea darker than others.

Spray the whole mold and the embeds with alcohol, then carefully pour the caramel colored soap over the embeds. Be careful not to disturb the embeds too much.

Let the soap cool for at least 24 hours before removing it from the mold and cutting it.

Time to cut!

Be careful not to slice thru too many peaches from the soap. Let the soap sit out for a day before you wrap them up. The fragrance for this soap smells exactly like peach sweet tea. It makes you just want to go outside and enjoy a warm spring day. And it even looks like a tall cold glass of sweet tea.

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