Odor-Eliminating Toilet Spray

Odor-eliminating toilet spray is a useful product at any time of the year, however, it comes in especially handy during the holiday season. During November and December, with guests dropping by, dinner parties and cocktail parties to throw, the bathroom becomes the busiest room in the house! Often traditional air freshener just can’t keep up with the crowds and actually smell as bad as the odor they are masking. Sure there are existing toilet sprays, but they can often be way overpriced for the tiniest bottle. Here’s your chance to offer your customers a less expensive option that is every bit as effective as the biggest brands out there.

Odor Eliminating Toilet Spray

An odor-eliminating toilet spray needs to be compact, discrete and effective. Our Pure Fresh Advanced Odor & Room Spray is the perfect solution for bathroom odors. Being water-based, it does not have that chemical undertone you can practically taste after spraying traditional bathroom sprays, which do not eliminate odors, but merely mask them. Our Pure Fresh base actually eliminates organic odors using advanced technology that virtually neutralizes odors at the source! Whether you spray directly into the bowl prior to using the toilet, or into the air as a traditional room spray or both, you will be amazed at how well Pure Fresh works.

Mixing Your Own Pure Fresh

We can easily scent this base for you with any of the fragrance or essential oils we carry, however, if you wish to add your own fragrance or essential oil, it is simple to do so. Our Pure Fresh unscented base starts off at 12 cents per ounce.


This is an easy base to work with. There is no heating or fancy equipment needed for this base. Keep in mind you may need to pour out some of the base from the gallon to make room for the poly 20/fragrance oil mixture.

  1. Mix your fragrance or essential oil with the polysorbate 20.
  2. Once they are completely mixed, add it to the gallon of pure fresh and shake thoroughly.

Tips and Tricks

We recommend starting with 1% solubilizer to 1% fragrance. If your fragrance turns the base cloudy or is not emulsifying, we recommend using more solubilizer. You may need to go as high as 4% solubilizer to 1% fragrance. If you don’t want to use that much poly 20, fill the product into an opaque bottle. But you do need at least 1% poly 20 to mix the oil into the water-based product.

Scent matters, if the scent is too light or subtle, it won’t mask the smell of the bathroom. So we recommend using one of the stronger cosmetic grade fragrance and essential oils we carry. Here are some strong fragrance and essential oils we recommend.

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