New Year New Skin Face Scrub

Give yourself a gift of a new face for the new year with this recipe for a new year new skin face scrub. Gently buff away last year’s skin to reveal a cleaner, brighter complexion with this scrub. Made with our Botanical Facial Cleanser Base and salt, it is a simple yet effective recipe.

Directions for use: For a thick scrub pinch off a piece and work it slightly in the hands until it is of a spreading consistency. Then gently work the scrub into your face and rinse completely off. The texture will be very enticing so when labeling be sure to make clear that the product is not for consumption and should be kept away from the eyes, especially being that it contains salt.


New Year New Skin Face Scrub Recipe


  1. Measure out your botanical facial cleanser and essential oil into an appropriately sized container for your whole batch.
  2. Mix the essential oil and botanical facial cleanser until it is well incorporated. (this ensures the essential oil is well dispersed throughout the scrub)
  3. Then add in the salt little by little.
  4. Mix everything until it is all one consistency.

Face Scrub Variations

There are several variations of face scrubs that can be made from this base recipe. Try creating your own recipe with your own additives and ratios! Remember, our bases are made to be customized and transformed into completely new products with varying functions. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going.

Black Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Black Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Use our black dead sea salt to create a luxurious ebony face scrub. These authentic dead sea salts are packed with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide, sulfur, potassium and sodium which all play different roles in naturally balancing skin, allowing it to shine in its finest state.

Organic Turbinado Sugar Face Scrub

Face scrub made with organic Turbinado Sugar

For a coarser scrub, use our organic turbinado sugar instead of salt. You might need to adjust the sugar to botanical facial cleanser ratio, as in our test batch, the turbinado brown sugar made the botanical cleanser base a bit sticky. So to improve the consistency, you will need to up the ratio of sugar in the recipe. Especially if you live in a humid region. However, since the sugar is coarse, this scrub should not be used on sensitive skin.

Sweet & Smooth Sugar Face Scrub

The sugar face scrub can be tinted an array of colors.


You aren’t supposed to get the scrub in your mouth. However, sometimes after you’ve rinsed the scrub off, you are left with a salty taste on your lips. For those who find the salt scrub too drying and/or salty, try using granulated sugar instead of salt. If the mixture is too sticky and not the consistency of moist sand, add more sugar. You can tint this scrub as well to create a unique look. For example, if you are using lavender essential oil, you can add a couple of drops of violet soap colorant. However, you need to add the colorant at the same step of adding the essential oil to the botanical cleanser. Start off with this guideline recipe below and adjust as needed.

  • Granulated Sugar 89%
  • Botanical Facial Cleanser 10.5%
  • Essential Oil  .5%

Sugared Poppy Face Scrub

Sugar face scrub with poppy seeds added.

Sugared poppy face scrub is a great twist on just a regular sugar face scrub. It is made with poppy seeds that give an extra exfoliating scrubbing effect. Poppy seeds make a perfect exfoliant being that they are round and not too harsh on the skin.

  • Granulated Sugar
  • Botanical Facial Cleanser
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Essential Oil





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