Mothers Day DIY Spa Kit

Spa days are always a great way to celebrate Mothers day. However, the influx of the holiday will leave day spas swamped. So give your customers the option to treat their mother and themselves to a spa day in. A Mothers day DIY spa kit needs everything for head to toe.

Our bases have countless combinations of color, fragrance, and function. Look into your niche market to find the right product for your customers.

Mothers Day DIY Spa Kit Essentials

Spa kits should have bath salts, which can be used as a foot soak or a bath soak.

You want your customers to have all the pampering elements of a spa right at their home. Here are some ideas of what to include in your spa day kits.

Theme Ideas

Themes are Important when it comes to spas. Many people have different preferences as to what fragrance is used, or what ingredients are used. One example of that is many women prefer cucumber melon type fragrances, while others prefer vanilla type fragrances.

Refreshing Cucumber At home Spa Day

Mothers Day DIY Spa Kit
Using freshly sliced cucumbers with this kit is highly recommended!

For moms who prefer a cool refreshing cucumber scent, we have the perfect combination for them!

Lavishing Floral At Home Spa Day

Rose themed spa kit. Complete with bubble bath, face mask, and bath salts.

Not only is rose delightfully fragrant, but it has skin benefits that can be absorbed thru a good pampering. Rose hip extract is great for fighting the signs of aging and inflammation.

  • Rose Face mask: Soak up the goodness of rose hips with the hydra M infused with 1% rose hip extract.
  • Floral Beauty Water: Our Hydrating Botanical Mist base is perfect for adding extracts and other actives. Add .3% bed of roses fragrance oil, 1% Matrixyl 3000, and 1% rose hip extract. Because this beauty water is packed with skin loving ingredients. It needs to be left on the skin.
  • Bubble bath with pretty petals is an inexpensive yet luxurious way to soak in the essence of rose. Scent the creamy bubble milk bubble bath base with a rose inspired fragrance. Then, pair it with bath salts scented with the same fragrance. Mix in dried rose petals, lavender buds, or a mix of both.

Keen on Vanilla Bean

Rich & Custardy Vanilla Scented Whipped Body Frosting.

There is a definite love for the smell of vanilla. Many people prefer the sweet smooth scent of vanilla over all other scents. So have an option for those who are keen on the sweeter scented side.

  • Creamy Vanilla Milk Bath: let your customers soak in the sweet creamy goodness of Our creamy milk bubble bath scented with warm vanilla Sugar fragrance oil.
  • Vanilla body scrub: For a vanilla bean themed body scrub, add 1% poppy seeds to the Sugar & Shea body polish. Then scent it with warm vanilla sugar fragrance oil.
  • Rich and Creamy Vanilla Scented Body Butter: Use our whipped body frosting with butters, scented with warm vanilla sugar. The rich buttery lotion will be great for after a steamy shower.

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