Menthol Lotion

  Menthol lotion is a great therapeutic moisturizer. We have a great selection of lotions and moisturizers to fit every taste. Whether you want a spray and go lotion or a thick buttery cream, you name it. Here are 3 Variations of a menthol rub. One is a thicker massage cream, another is a solid massage bar, and the final is a lightweight gel. Give each one a try to see what variation suits you best.

DIY Icy-Hot Menthol Lotion 

Aloe-Menthol Rub

  Nothing soothes sore muscles more than cooling and warming menthol lotion. It’s tingling feeling creates a mini massage. Which is perfect for an achy back, knee, or arm. 

  There are a few routes to go when adding menthol to a lotion. Starting off at .05% will be lightly minty while creating a slight cooling sensation. However, If you add up to 5% you will get an intense mint scent with an intense cooling and warming sensation. Which may irritate sensitive skin. But here are some variations using our different lotion bases.  

Basic Menthol Lotion 

  Here is a recipe for a standard menthol lotion. It uses our A, C & E lotion base that can stand up to the oil that the menthol needs to be dissolved into. For a moderately strong lotion, you will need…

Menthol Massage Bar 

  Use our lotion bar and balm base is ideal for a solid massage bar. For this recipe, you don’t need extra oil to dissolve the menthol. Once the base is melted, simply add in the menthol crystals and stir until they are completely dissolved. Then pour it into your molds. You will need…

Menthol Massage Gel 

For a lighter massage gel that can be put into a larger roller bottle. It works great for athletes. This recipe utilizes our aloe gel base. This base is lightweight and doesn’t feel tacky after application. Keep in mind that the aloe gel will turn white when you incorporate the additives. You will need… 

First you must dissolve the crystals into the fractionated coconut oil. Use a one to one ratio and it will be easier if you warm up the oil a little bit. Once the menthol crystals are completely dissolved in the oil, mix the oil and Poly 20 together at a one to one ratio. Then add it into the aloe gel base. Remember the aloe gel is going to turn white. 

Keep Menthol Lotion Away From Sensitive Areas Of The Body! 

irritated eye

   when using topical products that contain menthol, remember to keep it away from all sensitive areas of the body. Including the eyes, nose, and other parts. And after applying the menthol lotion to the body, be sure to wash your hands to avoid the transfer of menthol anywhere. Take our word, nothing is worse than rubbing your eyes after handling menthol or a menthol product. 

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