MCT Roll-On Perfume

What is MCT?

MCT, also known as Fractionated Coconut Oil, is the medium chain of triglycerides found in coconut oil. Since the oil is very stable it does not harden. This oil is ideal for a roll on perfume because it is odorless, clear and lightweight. It is important for a carrier oil to be odorless because you want a clean slate for the fragrance or essential oil you will be adding. A clear oil in a clear bottle is a simple yet luxurious way to showcase the product.  MCT roll-on perfume is ideal for those who want an alternative for an alcohol based perfume.

MCT Roll-On Perfume 

You will need 

Weightless Dry Oil Base 

Our Pure MCT oil is a great choice for a roll-on perfume. However, if you want a perfume oil that has other luxurious oils with a dry finish. We recommend using our Weightless Dry Oil Base. Its main component is caprylic-capric triglycerides (MCT). Plus it contains other nourishing oils to make the skin look and feel its best. Our lightweight formula absorbs nicely and does not leave the skin looking or feeling greasy. This base has a beautiful light yellow tinge from the high quality natural oils.

Mixing Fragrance Into The Base

MCT Roll-On Perfume
Use the same mixing instructions for the MCT Oil.

Mixing Fragrance Into the Weightless Dry Oil could not be easier! Simply Add up to 1% of fragrance oil to the base and shake. You may add more fragrance oil but it must be used only on the body. And if you are not using our fragrance oils, be sure to test them in the base in small batches as some may turn the base cloudy. 

Botanicals In a Perfume Roller

To make your perfume roll on beautiful you can add botanicals such as dried flowers; rose buds, lavender buds, jasmine buds and more. The botanicals should be irradiated to ensure harmful bacteria has been removed. 

There is no need to add preservatives to the Weightless Dry Oil, however, you should use the oils within 3 months to prevent the flowers from changing the color of the oil.  And always test your flowers in small batches to see how long the flowers will last in the base.

Other Perfume Packaging 

Try mini vials that are easy to fill and look really cute. Simply use a pipette to add the scented MCT oil.

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