Icelandic Glacier Soap Tutorial

Icelandic Glacier Soap Tutorial

This Soap Tutorial was inspired by a trip to Iceland that our owner took. She experienced amazing views, picturesque towns, but she spoke about these magnificent blue ice glaciers that left her stunned with their beauty. After listening to her describe them, we just had to  design a soap inspired by them.

You Will Need

Glacier Embed

Icelandic Glacier Soap Tutorial
Glacier Embed Closeup
  • Melt enough Clear Soap Base to fill half of your mold. Use caution, short burst of heat and mix well if using a microwave.
  • Add 1% Fragrance Oil to the melted soap, mix thoroughly, then pour into the mold. Let this clear batch cool completely.
  • Once cooled remove it from the mold and cut with a sharp knife into long shapes that look like ice shards. Place the “shards” back into the mold at random and stack them.
  • Melt the remaining soap and separate into 2 containers. In one container add 3 parts Blue Colorant to 1 part Green Soap Colorant. Be sure not to darken it by adding too much colorant, you want it to remain transparent, like ice. In the other soap container, add a little bit of the blue mica. Add just enough to give the soap some color changing streaks.
  • Let both soaps cool until they are about 110-115 degrees. Pour them alternatively over the shards. If you see heat swirls that is perfectly normal. Irregularity will make this soap look unique.
  • Let the loaf completely cool then cut the whole loaf into one long ice berg embed. Set it aside

Finishing the Loaf

  • Icelandic Glacier Soap Tutorial
    Finished Soap

    Sprinkle the bottom of your soap mold with the black salt and spray with alcohol.

  • Place the embed into the mold and spray with alcohol.
  • Melt enough soap to fill the loaf and add 1% of activated charcoal, then stir until the soap is fully black.
  • Finally pour over the embed until the mold is full. Don’t forget to spray the top with alcohol to eliminate any bubbles. When you cut the cooled soap into slices every piece should be unique.

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