Too Hot For Baths? Cool Off With Summer Showers

Tepid Bath or Refreshing Shower?

It seems like the summer heat gets the best of us when it comes to bathing. We want to use our bath fizz and our cute bath products, but it is just too hot to sit in a warm tub of water. Here are some ideas to freshen up your shower line. Customers will enjoy their showers just as much as they enjoy their baths.

Shower Solutions?

Get creative and make a line of shower products that are just as fun as a trendy bath bomb.

We carry many Personal Care Bases suitable for the shower. Washes, Scrubs, Soaps, and even After-Shower Care products. All of our Bases can be customized to make yours unique. Essentials by Catalina carries plenty of options for color, scent, and even extra additives. We make it easy to make products perfect for your niche market.

Cool Bases & Refreshing Fragrances

Cool off with summer showers

Body Washes
We have a great selection of sudsy concoctions. Weather it be  the Creamy Milk Face and Body scented with a warm coconut scent, or our Pure Essence scented with a refreshing Essential Oil Blend, the possibilities are endless.
Some even add a tiny bit of Menthol Crystals or Spearmint Essential Oil to add an extra cooling kick to their Body Wash. Please be advised that when adding Menthol, some of our more sensitive spots may become a bit irritated, so use a light hand when using them.

Body Scrubs

Nothing feels better that hopping in the shower and using a good body scrub after working all day in the garden. It feels so good to scrub all the dirt and sweat from your skin. A tip to remember is, not all scrubs feel the same. When it is hot out, you don’t want a heavy polish or super oily scrub. I would recommend the Walnut Body Scrub and the Glowing Skin Sugar Scrub. They moisturize skin while not leaving a heavy oily residue.

Jelly Soap

We can’t forget about our Jelly Soap Base! We have an entire post about ways to use that special base. It can be put in the freezer and used in the shower for extra freshness. Also this base goes great with a summer theme, such as making it mermaid, ocean, or jelly themed.

Lightweight Moisturizers

Sometimes you don’t want a rich cream on your skin when it’s 90 degrees outside. It may feel uncomfortable and heavy, so why compromise comfort for moisture, when you can have both. Our Aloe Gel Base is super light weight and hydrating! I can put this on my face without worrying about breakouts, despite having oily skin.

Refreshing Body Sprays

Our Hydrating Botanical Mist feels fantastic on a hot summer day. Whenever the weather starts to get a bit too warm, I spritz it on my face and body. It feels so fresh in this California heat and smells fantastic. When the wind hits my misty skin… I swear it feels like my internal body temperature cools down a couple of degrees. It’s a good idea to keep a mister on you in the summer weather.

Cool & Breezy Fragrances

Rosemary Spearmint E.O. Blend

Citrus Spearmint E.O. Blend

Rejuvenation Pure E.O. Blend

Eucalyptus Mint Pure E.O. Blend

Coconut Lime Verbena

Lavender Spa Fragrance Oil

Green Tea Fragrance Oil

Balboa Island Breeze

Blue Lagoon Fragrance Oil
Take  a look at our bases, additives, and scents. We hope you find inspiration from our blogs to make your product line succeed. Stay cool and clean in this summer heat.

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