Festival Glitter DIY Mixtures

If you look into the crowd at a Summer Music Festival you soon realize that glitter is a favorite with the festival crowd. In fact, a thick, multi-color layer can be found on the caked onto the hair and skin of most attendees. Other than having pastel hair or a nose piercing, glitter is something very sought after in this crowd. With the popularity of music and dance festivals on the rise these days among young adults now, it would be a huge missed opportunity not to try and reach some of these potential customers. And with the Summer festival season is in full swing, pairing our Cosmetic Grade Glitters with our Personal Care Bases is the perfect way to reach them!

Our Glitters & Micas

A Bit About These Shimmers

Our Midnight Sky Glitter shimmers with gleams of blue, silver, aqua and violet. It is not very noticeable while in the bottle, especially in white lotions, however when applied to the skin it really pops.

Our Rose Gold Glitter shines with gold, rose gold, and green tones. It too pops on the skin or with a clear base.

As for the Micas, they have a white opal base with color changing pigments. Nordic Sunset mica shines green, red, silver, and gold. Caribbean Blue glimmers with blues, aqua, and violets. Finally Magic Mauve explodes with red, silver, lilac, and blue-green colors.

Festival Glitter In Product

Glitters and Mica can can be added into product that is thick or has a suspending agent. If it is too thin the glitter will settle at the bottom. Always test the glitter in small batches. However the Mica is likely disperse in most products due to its smaller particle size.

Products that can hold glitter and mica well, That are perfect for festival season!



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