Face Mist Recipe

Cool off this summer with a face mist using our Hydrating Botanical Mist Base. Since this base has no alcohol, it won’t dry out the facial skin, rather, it will leave the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed in this summer heat.

Face Mist Recipe

This is a simple face mist recipe, yet you can tailor it for any skin type. You can add water-soluble extracts, proteins, as well as oils (you will need a solubilizer if using oils). Here is the base recipe using our Hydrating Botanical Mist, (you can mix it additives to suit your needs), as well as extra recipe ideas for variations aimed at different skin types.

Face Mist Variations

We have a great selection of botanical extracts to choose from. All of them are cosmetic grade and water soluble. If you want to add an oil such as fragrance, essential, or natural oil, you will need a solubilizer. We get a lot of questions about using mica in this base. And the answer is: you can add mica as long as the particles are fine and it is a cosmetic grade. We always recommend testing in small batches, but keep in mind, there is no suspending agent in this base. So if you add a mica or glitter it will sink to the bottom.

Rose Hip Face Mist

Roses are red, violets are blue; who knew roses would be so good for you? Not only are they fragrant and beautiful, but they have properties that are great for the skin. Our rosehip extract can be added to the base at 1%. Rose hips are rich in vitamin C, which help combat free radicals that degrade the skin. Incorporating rosehip products into the skincare routine will improve the complexion and tone of the skin. A face mist made with the extract is a quick and simple way to reap the benefits of rose hips.

  • Add 1% of rose hip extract to our Hydrating Botanical Mist Base (no polysorbate 20 needed)
  • *Optional* Add Bed of Roses fragrance oil at 0.3% (needs polysorbate 20)


Tropical Superfruit Antioxidant Face Mist

What is more fitting for summer-inspired face mist than an antioxidant-packed tropical fruit facial spray? Immerse your customers into a tropical state of mind with a refreshing tropical mist. Add acai berry extract, passion fruit extract, and a little passion fruit seed oil to the mist for an antioxidant-rich facial. Passion fruit oil is nongreasy, great for mature skin and extremely hydrating. This mist will give the skin a plump and dewy finish. This spray would benefit those with mature skin or those looking for a fuller look.

  • Add 1% acai berry extract
  • 1% passionfruit extract
  • .5% passionfruit oil (poly 20 needed)
  • .3% Tropical fruit fragrance oil (poly 20 needed)

Seaside Face Mist

Algae extract is great for the skin and hair since it is rich in iodine. It is especially beneficial for the collagen in the skin, keeping it look youthful and supple. Using algae extract in your face mist recipe not only gives the seaside vibes to your product, but it carries beneficial properties that will improve complexion while refreshing the skin. Additionally, the Hydrating Botanical Mist already contains dead sea salts, so the trace minerals in the salts provide a mineral boost to the skin!

  • Add 1% algae Extract
  • .3% Sea Mist Fragrance Oil (poly 20 needed)

Soothing Lavender Face Mist

It is a well-known fact that lavender is naturally soothing. A lavender face mist is perfect for spritzing on the face throughout the day to cool and sooth the skin. Using lavender extract in your face mist recipe allow the skin to reap the benefits in between your daily skin routine. For an extra lavender boost, use lavender pure essential oil in the recipe. The aroma will help relax you throughout the day.

  • Add 1% Lavender Extract
  • .3% Lavender Pure Essential Oil (Poly 20 needed)

Mixing Oils Into the Hydrating Botanical Mist

Since our Hydrating Botanical Mist is alcohol-free, you will need a solubilizer to add fragrance or other oils. You must mix the oil and solubilizer together before adding it to the base. Start off with at 1:1 solubilizer to fragrance ratio. And Increase to a 4:1 solubilizer to ratio if needed. Some fragrances and additives will turn the base cloudy, so always test your recipe in small batches before mass producing it.

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