Essentials by Catalina Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup is booming in this day and age. However one thing that many people, my self included, don’t know is that brushes need to be cleaned allot more than people think. Dermatologists and Professional makeup artists agree that keeping brushes clean can prevent bacteria from building up and causing breakouts. Face brushes such as foundation, powder, and concealer brushes should be cleaned at least once a week. While brushes that are for your eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month. And as for technique I found some really good brush cleaning tips on this blog (source).

Essentials By Catalina Makeup Brush Cleaner

Here at Essentials by Catalina we have the perfect solution to dirty brushes. Use our Body Spray Base for a good deep cleaning. This base has alcohol that should dissolve the oils and making it easier to wash out. I tried it out on my foundation brush, and it made my brush look and smell squeaky clean. The preservatives in the base also protect against bacteria. Unlike water, the body spray base will dry quicker and disinfect the brush. Using only water will risk bacteria settling on your moist brush.
Wash only the bristles making sure not to moisten the base where the bristles are glued. If the cleaner comes in contact with the glue, you risk loosening the hairs. The alcohol in the body spray base will speed up the drying process.

For Natural Haired Brushes

For natural haired brushes you can spritz our Conditioning Detangling Spray after a washing to condition the hairs. However, don’t over saturate the hairs with the spray to avoid a greasy feeling. I wouldn’t recommend using this method for oily skin.

If You Want An Actual Wash

We make many mild washes that would gently clean your brushes. Adding scent is an option, however we recommend only going up to .3% on fragrance or essential oil. We also recommend that scented wash should not be used on brushes that are used for the eyes, such as water line brushes, and eye liner brushes. The Essential Oil can potentially irritate your eyes.  These washes are great for this purpose.


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