Elegant Easter Egg Soap

Creating Elegant Easter egg soap is just about as fun an activity as dying Easter eggs! This idea for beautiful Easter soaps was inspired by a shimmering cake post found on Pinterest that utilizes shimmering mica, and gleaming glitters to achieve a spectacular opalescent effect. We recommend choosing fresh, elegant, springtime fragrance for these soaps.

To create an opalescent effect throughout the soap, mix the pink opal mica with your fragrance before adding it to the melted soap. Although this tutorial calls for white soap, clear soap will look just as elegant, and the mica will really pop, especially when the soap is colored.

Elegant Easter Egg Soap
How the soap looks when mixed with mica

You Will Need:


  1. Melt the white soap until it is smooth there are no chunks floating.
  2. Add 1% fragrance to the melted soap and mix well.
  3. Split the batch into two separate containers. Color one container pastel blue and the other pastel yellow. Or drop soap colorant into the molds and spread evenly. That will give the soap a marbled look.
  4. Fill your egg shaped molds and let them cool completely.
  5. Finally, the moment you un-mold the soaps, immediately brush the mica over the soap. This will help the mica adhere to the soap better. Brush them in random patterns for a color shifting effect.

Elegant Easter Egg Soap Packaging Ideas.

Classic shrink wrap is a standard when it comes to wrapping soap. It keeps the soap from attracting moisture from the air, plus, when you display the soap in a basket, the decorative hay or paper shreds won’t stick to or destroy the soap.

Get The Look


Easter egg molds : We got the silicone egg shaped molds from Micheals Craft Store. For the larger egg, we recommend you use something to hold the mold upright. Because when we poured in the hot soap, the wider side got heavy and tipped over.

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