Simple DIY Shoe and Foot Deodorizing Powder

Shoe and Foot Deodorizing Powder

Our recipe for a Foot Deodorizing Powder is a simple yet effective defense against embarrassing foot odor that can strike any one of us. Use it directly on feet or sprinkle it in shoes and leave overnight. This Foot Powder, along with good foot hygiene and letting shoes air dry daily, is a product that can help your sheepish customers regain some confidence. One of my co workers who runs trails as a hobby tried this recipe and likes it very much. It instantly absorbs odors and leaves your shoes and feet feeling and smelling great!

Shoe and Foot Deodorizing Powder Recipe

Batch Recipe
Batch Recipe

This is a very simple recipe. simply mix all the ingredients into a large bowl making sure there are no solid clumps. Every ingredient has a purpose, so there are no useless filler ingredients. For example,  Corn Starch makes up most of the recipe, its main purpose is to absorb moisture.  Kaolin Clay is also used to absorb moisture and is ideal for sensitive skin types. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) is used as an odor absorbing agent. We all remember grandma putting a bowl of it in the back of the fridge to absorb foul fridge odors. Zinc Oxide has often been used in many natural foot powders as an odor eliminator. I went for a more natural approach for scenting this powder and chose to use 1% Tea Tree Essential Oil and 1% Lavender Essential Oil because they both are known to have anti-fungal properties. You can choose from our many Essential and Fragrance Oils.

This foot powder recipe should tame even the most sweaty of piggies. No more stinky boyfriend feet smelling up the room. You can even add Menthol to add maximum freshening properties. Use the menthol in moderation because it is super strong and concentrated.

Simple and effective is what we were aiming for, you can even use this for the body. If you so, I suggest using a milder Essential or Fragrance Oils.

This zinc oxide foot powder recipe is a great talcum powder alternative.

How to Package the Powder

I found that using our Boston Natural Squeezable with a Press Disk Cap made the powder easy to use. Perfect for those super athletes or high activity individual.


Want to try this on your own?

Get everything needed for a 10 pound batch of Foot Powder by clicking here. There will be left over raw materials. Be sure to include any other colors or scents you may want to try.

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