DIY Hand & Body Glitter Gel

A super simple, DIY Hand & Body Glitter Gel is a fun product to have on hand when you whenever you want to give yourself a sparkle touch. And best of all, Essentials by Catalina has everything you need to create your own dazzling gel.

Aloe Glitter GelDIY Hand & Body Glitter Gel

You will need:

Our Aloe Gel Base is simple and straightforward to use to use. All you need to do is mix your Additives into the Gel, just be sure to mix thoroughly. When adding Fragrance or Essential Oils to this base, be sure to mix the Polysorbate 20 and Fragrance together first, before adding them into the mixture.

Our Midnight Sky Glitter has sparkles of blue, purple, and silver. And the Rose Gold Glitter has sparkles of pink, gold, and green. When you mix both glitters you get a rainbow of sparkles. Adding Mica to the Aloe transforms it into a pearly and beautiful gel.

Adding color to this base is completely optional. By itself the base is clear and will look white with whatev color glitter you add. When adding color, we recommend you keep it to a minimum, so it doesn’t die or stain the skin. Also we noticed the glitter really pops when the color of the gel is not too light, and especially when it is not too dark. Always make a small test batch to make sure the product will fit your ideas.

This product can be applied to the body, hair, and face. However when applying the glitter gel to the face, avoid the eyes and mouth.

Five colors of Aloe Glitter Gel

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