DIY Essential Oil Spider Repellent

This DIY essential oil spider repellent recipe was inspired by a recent event.

Earlier this week, while laying in bed reading a magazine, the corner of my eye caught a terrifying sight near the top of my bed’s canopy. A beastly black spider (the size of a quarter) was making itself at home – in my bed!

Long story short, an instant assassination by way of my boyfriend’s shoe, took place. It wasn’t pretty. Surely this unpleasant incident could have been prevented. Maybe if I hadn’t left the window open to feel the cool breeze while I read under a throw the eight-legged intruder might have not wondered in. But that’s neither here nor there. To prevent such an incident going forward, I’ve done some research and come up with a reasonably simple solution that deters insects of any genre from entering my living space.

DIY Essential Oil Spider Repellent Recipe

You will need:

Concentrated Solution Recipe:

  • 95% Body Spray Base
  • 5% Essential Oil

Mixing Directions:

  • Simply add 5% Essential oil to the body spray base.
  • Then shake the gallon until there is no visible oil
DIY Essential Oil Spider Repellent

Use citrus or minty oils because spiders, who smell with their legs, DO NOT like citrus or mint.

Simply spray where you think spiders may be entering, i.e. (window sills, wall cracks, doors, holes…) once daily for a week after which you can cut back to once a week. That should keep these pesky creatures outside where they belong. This Spray may stain or discolor whatever you spray it on, so always test in small patches before going wild.

Also, keep in mind, this spray is alcohol-based so we don’t recommend spraying it on fabric such as couches or curtains. Should you need to spray onto fabric we recommend using our Pure Fresh base, which is water based, and decreasing the essential oils to no more than 1%. If you notice the spray starting to discolor your surfaces, stop using and clean the sprayed areas with your usual cleaner.

Recipe for Fabric Surfaces:

  • 95% Pure Fresh Odor Eliminating Spray Base
  • 4% Poly 20
  • 1% Essential Oil
DIY Essential Oil Spider Repellent
DIY Essential Oil Spider Repellent For Surfaces

Why Spiders Invade our Space

Much like us, spiders tend to look for a nice, comfy place to raise their little spider families. Oftentimes they are in our homes seeking food. Being cold-blooded, they are not in search of warmth, but rather are in pursuit of a meal that is seeking the warmth of the indoors.  

Repellent, Not Poison

Of course, I’m not a fan of murdering innocent creatures, but I also do not want a spider living directly above me either – being that we definitely make each other uncomfortable. This spray is a repellent, meant to ward off the creepy critters, not kill them. Using this spray is a great way just to keep them out of our space without harming them. 

You can even dilute pure essential oil with sweet almond, or any other carrier oil, and rub down the outside of your windows and doors for extra-strength protection. Our essential oils are pure and uncut, so they are very potent, and because they are natural, they are pretty much safe to use all around the house. Administering typical bug sprays that are full of harsh chemicals, practically requires a hazmat suit. With this Spider Spray recipe, you can spray with utter confidence, knowing you are keeping spiders at bay, and also keeping your family safe from harsh chemicals.

Essential Oils That Deter Spiders

Here are some particularly potent essential oils that are strong enough to overwhelm the spider’s senses and make him high-tail it outta there. Your living space will no longer be a desirable hang out for creepy creatures.

  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Citronella
  • Cedar wood
  • Tea Tree

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