Creating a Customized Hair Mask

Is a Hair Mask the Secret to Bouncy, Shiny, Beautiful Hair?

Let’s explore one of the newest, trendiest , but still relatively unknown haircare products out there today, Hair Masks.  Have you ever gone to a salon and had a stylist slather a deep conditioner into your hair then sit you under the dryer for 15 minutes or so?  Nothing compares to the incredibly healthy, silky result – right? Wrong!

A Hair Mask is something that should be incorporated into everyone’s beauty routine, and it can be made right at home by using Essentials by Catalina’s Reconstructive Conditioner as your starting base. Think of it as a blank canvas on which you can create a customized treatment for any hair type. Our Reconstructive Conditioner is thick enough to handle a high percentage of additives, so feel free to be creative.  Which additives?  See below for some great ideas.

Hair Repair Mask

Coconut Oil and Shea butter are two great choices for moisturizing and nourishing dry, damaged hair. Both are rich in fatty acids and have been used for ages to improve the quality of hair. The two really moisturizing agents added to the conditioner for extreme moisture retention. to use, simply melt shea butter and coconut oil and then add it to the conditioner. You can add fragrance or essential oils and colorant this point also to complete your Hair Mask, if you wish.

Scalp Repair Mask

Papayas are rich in vitamins B5, C, A, K, E, folate, potassium, and fiber and papaya extract is known to have scalp salvaging properties. The vitamin A in the fruit stimulates the production of sebum which helps keep your hair moisturized. This extract can be combined with coconut oil to make a tropical smoothie Hair Mask.


Activated Charcoal is known to have detoxifying properties and to absorb free radicals and oil. This formula can be great for those who need a reset button for their hair and scalp. Grapefruit E.O is also used to cleanse and purify and so is the perfect scent for this Mask. However, when using citrus essential oils on the scalp, we recommend it is not left on the scalp too long.

Soothing scalp

Oatmeal extract and Colloidal Oatmeal are both excellent additives for those in search of a soothing hair product. Oats are known for their soothing properties and hydrating qualities. Colloidal oatmeal can also be used to help soothe those itchy scalps.

Keratin Rich

Macadamia Oil is known to be rich in fatty acids, however it is not a heavy oil. In addition, Macadamia oil is highly regarded for its ability to quickly absorb into the skin. Therefore, you can be sure that this mask will be the ultimate in deep moisturizing.

Sicilian Savior

Olive oil is rich in vitamins A and E, essential nutrients for healthy hair. This type of oil is more ideal for those with thick hair. It strengthens and keeps the hair moisturized.



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  1. Hello there, I’m wondering if there is a limit to the oils and additives that can be added to the reconstructive conditioner base? Thank you!

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