Cotton Candy Soap Tutorial

Cotton candy soap is a cute product for shelves and for festivities! And not to mention it stretches your dollar on soap. Whipping the soap makes it increase in volume, not weight. This is a fairly messy tutorial, so be prepared to get soap on your clothes or apron.

This is soap, not food! DO NOT EAT!

Ingredients you will need:

Materials you will need:

  • Non stick parchment paper or plastic
  • Hand mixer (with whisk attachment)
  • Cotton candy sticks or cones
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ribbon

Cotton Candy Soap Tutorial Steps:

  1. Heat soap until just melted. (Do not boil soap!)
  2. Add color, fragrance, stabilizer, and stir.
  3. let sit for two minutes. In the meantime prepare your non stick surface. lay it flat with no wrinkles.
  4. grab your hand mixer (whisk attachment preferred) and whip for about 3 minutes. (more or less depending on your climate and weather) Make sure the soap does not harden in the container.
  5. Pour the whipped soap onto the non sick surface in one layer, then place the cotton candy stick on one end.
  6. Let cool for 5 to ten minutes.
  7. Carefully remove soap layer from the non stick surface, then wrap around the cotton candy stick with the fluffy side facing out.
  8. Gently mold the soap into shape and let stand for a few hours to completely cool and harden.
    Cotton Candy Soap Tutorial
    Cotton Candy Soap Tutorial

Feel free to use your own technique and experiment. After the soap was completely cooled I wrapped them in plastic gift bags and tied the bases with ribbon. These definitely will be a unique gift, or party favor. Match the ribbon to the soap for themed parties or holidays.

The soap tastes bitter, so it should detour anyone from eating it. But be sure to put a “do not eat” warning on the packaging to be safe.

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