Cold weather skincare

Cold weather skin care could not be anymore important than now. Winter is in full swing, and boy is it dry! I went outside when it was a mere 40 degrees without moisturizing properly. And I didn’t think too much of it. Until I looked down at my hands, and saw they looked of old weathered leather. Almost immediately I ran back inside and slathered on some of our Avocado Body Butter.

Cold weather skincare

Hyaluronic acid works wonders for dry skin, and our gel cream base absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. When left on overnight along side a regular moisturizer, it boosts the hydration levels of the skin. So it makes for a perfect side kick for your regular night cream for a new cold weather skin care routine.

Keeping Lotions And Creams Around The House

After doing dishes or using household cleaning products, have you ever noticed your hands feel very dry? It’s a good idea to keep lotions and creams next to sinks. So once you are done washing your hands you can apply hydration back into the skin. Keeping them around the house is a good idea in general.

Moisturizing After a Shower

Moisturizing after a shower is key in cold weather skincare. Especially when taking a hot shower. It’s better to opt for a warm shower instead of a hot shower during the winter. Hot water can actually dry out the skin, rather than keeping in moisture. But slathering on a moisturizer after the shower should help lock in the moisture. A really great way to avoid cracked dry feet is to apply a generous amount of cream to your entire foot and slip on some thick fluffy socks. This method is especially effective if done right before bed. When you take the socks off in the morning your feet should be super soft.


There are many mask varieties out there. Sheets, clay, over night, the list goes on and on. But you really want to stick to moisturizing masks so your skin doesn’t dry out. Our Hydra-M mask is great for hydrating the face for this time of year. Also consider looking for masks that have moisture promoting extracts such as cucumber, apple, aloe, or chamomile. Not only can these extracts be found on our website, but they can easily be added to our face mask base.


Let us know if you have other cold weather skincare tips in the comments!


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  1. I’m a huge fan of your products, and here is my regimen: 1. When I wake up I saturate an oval cotton pad with Rose Water to cleanse off my face. 2. Then I use Catalina’s Botanical Facial Cleanser to wash using warm, then tepid and 6 splashes of very cold water. 3. Air dry my face. 4. Apply the Lavender Rosemary Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream, give it 3 minutes to soak in b/c this stuff is so great it soaks in and dries fast. 5. Then, I use Nuance Sheer Liquid Veil SPF 50 facial sun screen by Selma Hyack. It’s so light and works great. At night, 1-4 and trusty Oil of Olay!

    When I use a mask, I use Enlite’s Super Face Clay Time 1x per month, and I use Enlite’s Super Fae Glow For it 1x per month.

    For deep moisture mask, I use finely ground barley with honey or finely ground oatmeal with honey.

    My biggest secret is Rosewater!!! As a cleanser, toner and refresher/spritzer. Always, rinse with cold water. Folks cannot believe that I am 54. I still skate, maybe that’s it! Oh, I never spend more than five minutes on makeup. If you haven’t figured out that less is best, you will soon~!

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