Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Base

Our coconut oil liquid soap base is a great base for just about any need. It is a pure soap made from only saponified coconut oil. It is similar to castille soap, however, castille soap is made from saponified olive oil. Although this base is relatively thin, it produces great lather and suds.

Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Base Product Ideas

There are many uses for the Coconut Oil Liquid Sop, both in the home and personal care industry. Here are some ideas and ways we have tested the base.

  • Shampoo
  • Face Scrub
  • Body Wash
  • Dish Soap
  • Bubble Bath
  • Hand Soap

Coconut Oil Liquid Soap For the Face

Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Base
Sulfate-Free Charcoal Cleansing Scrub

The soap base is a great all-purpose bath and shower wash. Use it for an every day face wash, or as an additive in a sulfate free face scrub, such as this recipe for a sulfate-free charcoal face scrub.

Recipe for Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Body Wash/ bubble Bath

The addition of extracts and small amounts of oil can transform this base into a great wash for both the shower and bath. Since this base foams so well, it can be a used as both a bubble bath and a body wash. Here is a recipe for a soothing Lavender bubble bath/shower gel.

Mixing instructions for coconut oil liquid soap

  1. Add the lavender essential oil into the gallon.
  2. Cap the gallon and shake the gallon vigorously.
  3. Then add in the extract and the violet colorant.
  4. Cap the gallon and shake vigorously until the whole gallon is the same shade of violet.
  5. Finally, pour the finished product into your bottles and apply your labels.

Coconut Oil Cleaning Soap

coconut oil liquid soap
cleaning with coconut oil liquid soap

Just like castille soap, this base can be used as a general cleaner. Such as dish soap or floor cleaner. When making a dish soap, we recommend using a clean smelling fragrance or essential oil. Such as Ruby Red Grapefruit Fragrance Oil or Energizing Lemon Pure E.O. Blend.

For a natural alternative to a big name brand pine scented floor cleaner, add Siberian Fir Needle Essential Oil to the coconut oil liquid soap base. Keep in mind, a little goes a little way. Over saturating your cleaning solution will result in a never-ending pile of living soap suds.

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