Chocolate Lovers Scrub

Chocolate lovers scrub is inspired by the populations love for chocolate, and it happens to be around valentines day. Infact this recipe is made using our glowing skin sugar scrub and cacao tea. What is cacao tea you may wonder. It is the ground husks of whole cacao that we have tested, and have found it makes a wonderful exfoliate. However we get at our cacao tea from our favorite chocolate shop called El Buen Cacao. This rendition is a twist on a classic sugar body scrub . And you can even mix it with coffee grounds for a mocha scrub.

Chocolate Lovers Scrub

10% Cacao Tea

This tutorial is for beginners and advanced. And all you need for this recipe are 3 parts. Here is a recipe for an eight pound batch. However if this is too large or too small of a batch, adjust the amounts using our batch calculator.

  1.  89% Essentials By Catalina Glowing Sugar Scrub: 7.12 lbs
  2. 10% Cacao Tea (El Beuen Cacao): 12.80 oz
  3. 1% Chocolate Fragrance: 1.28 oz

To mix

  • First off, you need to measure out all of your ingredients into a large bowl like container. Of course if you are making a smaller batch then use an appropriately sized container for your batch.
  • Then, gently fold all of the ingredients together. Be careful not to splash the fragrance around.
  • Finally, once everything is evenly dispersed, spoon the scrub into the containers.

This eight pound batch will make 14 eight ounce jars of chocolate lovers scrub. This scrub has chocolate, which has caffeine. So it is great for slowly firming the skin. Add coffee grounds for an extra boost of caffeine.


Chocolate Lovers Delight




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