Champagne Bubble Bath

Pop the bubbly and enjoy a champagne bubble bath for the new year! We have a great selection of champagne-inspired fragrances. Champagne is a worldwide symbol for festivity, so champagne-inspired items are a great idea whether your customers want to stay in and enjoy a relaxing bath, hand out holiday-time party favors or even give a non-alcoholic host gift. These elegant bottles can also be used as a shower gel or hand soap. Here are a few variations using different bases to achieve different looks. However, The finished product will be a luxurious and functional product.

Champagne Bubble Bath


Our Creamy Milk Bubble Bath base is a luxurious pearlescent bubble bath. Made with real milk, it gently cleanses the skin, leaving it fully hydrated and nourished. The base can be tinted any color but looks just as luxurious uncolored. Also, for a pearlescent yet vegan-friendly bubble bath, add quick pearl to the luxurious shower gel. Start off at 1 percent, and then work your way up to a maximum of 5 percent depending on how pearly a look you are going for.

For a crystal clear product, use our Luxurious Bath and Shower Gel. The base is crystal clear and it takes color and scent really well. This base will not create as much foam in a bubble bath as the creamy milk bubble bath base will, however, that can easily be fixed with the addition of a foam boosting agent. Both the Creamy Milk Bubble Bath and Luxurious Shower Gel work wonderfully as a body wash as well.

Our suspension shower gel can suspend glitter and be colored.

Our Suspension Shower Gel is a clear gel that often contains little bubbles throughout the base, which is perfect for a champagne-themed product. Even better, you can suspend glitter in the gel for a festive look. For this particular champagne inspired bubble bath, we recommend using the rose gold glitter, which gleams beautifully with hues of gold, rose gold, pink, and green. This base can also be scented and colored to mimic champagne by using pink or pale yellow liquid colorants.

Additives For Extra Foam

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES): This is a less expensive yet very effective surfactant. Being that it is a straight surfactant, it may irritate those with sensitive skin, however, it is a perfectly safe surfactant for regular skin types. This surfactant is derived from coconuts and is considered milder than SLS.

Foam Booster SC-AOS (Sulfate Free Surfactant): This surfactant is a little bit more expensive than the SLES due to the fact that it is a “sulfate free surfactant”. (Sulfate-free surfactants tend to be higher priced than those containing sulfates.) Still, it is a great option for those who want a sulfate free product. Simply add this ingredient to your shower gel at 5 -10 percent to make a lusciously decadent bubble bath.


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