Carrot Sugar Scrub Bags

Carrot sugar scrub bags are a great Easter basket stuffer for kids and grown-ups, alike. The simple but beautiful packaging is what really makes this a special spring treat. Use our Glowing Sugar Scrub to slough away dead winter skin to reveal a fresh spring complexion.

Carrot sugar scrub bags are perfect for slipping into Easter baskets as well as handing out as party favors to dinner guests. Not only will these carrot shaped bags of luxurious scrub visually delight the recipient, they will provide a functional shower or bath exfoliation experience! You probably already know that our base is made with quality ingredients loved by many. Your customers are sure to love this clever seasonal product as well.

Materials Needed For Carrot Sugar Scrub Bags

This tutorial uses simple materials, all of which can be found online.
  • Glowing Skin Sugar Scrub (Scented & Colored)
  • Clear Cellophane Cone Shaped Bags with ties
  • Green Gift Tissue
  • Impulse Sealer (Recommended)
  • Green Ribbon Or Decorative Rope


  1. Color and scent your Glowing Skin Sugar Scrub Base. Or, you can opt to have us do it for you when you purchase your gallon.
  2. Fill the cone shaped bags with 8 ounces of sugar scrub.
  3. Make sure there is no air at the top before sealing the bag.
  4. Once the seal is made, check to make sure there are no leaks. Take the green tissue and wrap it around the top of the excess plastic. Trim back the plastic if needed.
  5. Bunch the green tissue paper around the plastic until it looks like a carrot top.
  6. Then tie it all in place with the ribbon or string.

Easter Inspired Fragrances


Carrot Sugar Scrub Bags
Carrot Sugar Scrub Bags

Carrots aren’t always a classic orange. Now a days these all time favorite vegetables come in an array of colors. For example, there are heritage varieties that are red, purple, and even yellow. Additionally, using pastel colors will give a modern twist on a classic spring favorite.

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