Black Sands Detoxifying Body Scrub

There is nothing like the allure of a stunning black sand beach. They can be found worldwide wherever volcanic activity and the coast collide, and their awe-inspiring ebony landscape is sure to mesmerize all who are privileged enough to view them in person. This spring we were inspired to create a black sands detoxifying body scrub using our Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Base. Simple yet striking, this unique product alludes to travels to far off lands…

Who says a pumpkin body scrub has to be limited to fall? Our pumpkin sugar scrub base is so diverse, it will fit in to your product line all year round. Using different fragrances, additives and creative packaging is a great way to change up a staple product your customers already love. A bonus – the pumpkin seed oil is super nourishing for skin which will help prepare it for hitting the beach this spring.

Black Sands Detoxifying Body Scrub Recipe

All you need to make a black detoxifying body scrub.

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Mix your fragrance oil into the sugar scrub base.
  2. Then add in the activated charcoal little by little to avoid clumping.
  3. Slowly mix until the activated charcoal is thoroughly incorporated, then it is ready to to fill.
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Step 2
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Tips And Tricks

Since the scrub is oil based, the finished product will look like wet black sand. It can be packaged in jars or filled into tubes to be dispersed from a wide orifice cap, similar to scrubs found in big brand stores. Keep in mind the pumpkin sugar scrub is a thick product that uses large grain turbinado sugar as an exfoliant. You will want to test it in your tube to make sure it dispenses prior to buying a large quantity of tubes.

If you find that the finished sugar scrub is not black enough, slowly add more activated charcoal. We recommend starting with a quarter percent and slowly working your way up. Give it time to rest between additions so the powder has time to disperse.

A regular rubber spatula will work just fine to mix the charcoal into the base. Especially if you are mixing one gallon at a time, however, if you find your arm getting tired, use a stand mixer. If you are making bigger batches, such as 5 gallon pails, a commercial immersion blender will work as well.

Skin Tightening Black Sands Body Scrub

Add plankton powder for a tightening effect on the skin. Plankton powder has skin tightening properties that make the skin look firm and beach ready. This additive is the perfect choice for improving the look of thighs and bikini body.

  • Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Base 97%
  • Binchotan Activated Charcoal Powder 1%
  • Plankton Powder 1%
  • Fragrance oil 1%

Mixing Instructions

  1. Mix your fragrance oil into the sugar scrub base.
  2. Add the activated charcoal and plankton powder, alternating little by little to avoid clumping.
  3. Slowly mix until the activated charcoal and plankton are thoroughly incorporated. Now you are ready to to fill.

Why is a black sands detoxifying body scrub beneficial for the skin?

Black Sands Detoxifying  Body Scrub
Inspiration of black sanded beaches.

Activated charcoal not only gives an exotic, eye catching look to personal care products, but the charcoal actually has detoxifying properties that benefit the skin! Binchotan white charcoal is pitch black, with a highly absorbent surface. It works by absorbing impurities, thus leaving behind glowing, beach-ready skin.

Using this powder in a scrub provides double duty cleansing power, as the scrub will slough away the dead skin, while the charcoal absorbs leftover impurities. The scrub will be black and streaky when applied and will appear alarmingly dark on lighter skin tones, but don’t worry, the charcoal will not stain skin! Once rinsed off, skin will look fresh, glowing and ready for the beach!

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