Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath Bombs

Many of you use our Fizzie Bath Powder to create amazing bath bombs. And why not, it already has lux/bulk-fizzie-bath-powderurious oils and leaves bath water feeling silky. You can try this recipe as written, or use our batch calculator to adjust the ratios and customize your own recipe. You can find the calculator here.

What I Used

For this recipe I used our Fizzie Bath Powder because it is a great base to start off with for a bath bomb. I added half a percent of Lathanol Powder because it creates a nice luxurious foam without being too harsh on the skin. Adding Poly 80 is optional, however I like including it because it lessens the chance of a tub ring (ring of oil or colorant left behind after the water is drained). Finally, I then added Shea Butter to add extra moisturizing properties to an already luxurious soak.


dried rose in bath fizzie
Dried Rose Petals
  1. Measure out the Fizzie Bath powder and lathanol into a large bowl.
  2. Mix well and make sure all lumps are gone
  3. Add your choice of colorant, fragrance, poly 80 and shea butter
  4. Mix well making sure most lumps are gone. Spray the mixture with alcohol while mixing until the consistency holds when pressed. *do this quickly so it does not dry while mixing*
  5. Press into desired mold or with a bath bomb press mold.
  6. Let them dry for 24 hours so they are sturdy and set.

In addition, you can easily add glitter, dried rose petals, salts, and many other materials to make them unique. In the picture below, I experimented with various additives. I used dried lavender buds, dried rose petals, ground coffee, and mica applied with a brush and alcohol.

bath bombs with various ingredients.
Various Additives

Want to try this on your own?

Get everything needed for a 5 pound batch of Lavender Bath Bombs by clicking here. There will be left over raw materials. Be sure to add any colors or scents you may also want to try.

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