Winter Balms

Balms and salves are a must-have when the weather gets cold and the air gets drier. Their deep moisturizing effect can withstand the dryness and helps protect your skin against the elements.

Pocket-sized tins are ideal for carrying in your jacket or a purse. Which is great for when you are out enjoying the festivities winter has to offer.


A balm is an oily substance used to heal or soothe the skin. Our Lotion Bar And Balm Base is perfect for creating all sorts of products. Such as a lotion bar, solid perfume, body tints, balm in a tin, massage bar, and so much more. However, we are going to put the spotlight on balms. Balms are great for aromatherapy, soothing the skin, and regular protection against the cold dry air.

Salve Tins

Tins are perfect for balms. They are compact, easy to fill, and look crafty. Balm in a tin can be marketed towards both men and women. Not to mention it can be made to appeal to just about every niche market. Craft paper labels are ideal for a natural, hip, and artisanal look. While bright colored labels are ideal for a bold, fun, and creative look.

Here we use these Half Ounce metal tins and these little sliding tins.

Bar Balm

A bar balm is great for a no waste product. The bar balm base is stable at room temperature, so it can be left on a dresser or out within arms reach. Bar Balms are great for eco-conscious customers. Use reusable travel soap dishes for storage of these lotion bars. We used these square silicone molds for a lotion bar and balm. It makes a good sized 4-ounce bar, it pops out easily from the mold, And the bar itself has a great shape. Plus you can use this mold for soap as well.

Customized Balm Ideas

Our lotion bar base can take extra oils, butters, and fragrance. Since it is a base, you have the option to customize it in any way. Add jojoba or macadamia nut oil to give the bar more glide. However, if you wanted a harder massage bar, simply add more beeswax or a harder butter, such as cocoa butter to the base.

Assorted shimmering body balms
Assorted shimmering body balms

Or add a color shifting mica to make a shimmering body balm. We’ve used our color shifting mica to make a shimmering body tint. Here we used these small square molds for travel sized tinted body highlighters. They work great for samples and travel sized soap as well.


More than a massage
Lotion Bar Base Infused With Flowers

Infuse the lotion bar base with herbs or add essential oils to make a therapeutic balm. Here we used these heart-shaped molds for a Valentine’s day post. These hearts are infused with lavender and rose buds.



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