Artisanal Black Gardeners Soap

Artisanal Black Gardener’s Soap is the perfect product for those who love to get their hands dirty working in the yard. You can make it yourself using our Artisanal Black Charcoal melt and pour soap base. The walnut shell powder in this recipe helps to scrub your hands squeaky clean while the charcoal component helps to draw out any residue or impurities left behind by the dirt.

You will need:

  1. Artisanal Black Charcoal Soap
  2. Walnut Shell Powder
  3. Bentonite Clay
  4. Essential Oil Of Your Choice


  1. Heat source (microwave or hot plate).
  2. heat safe container fit for your batch size.
  3. Scale
  4. mixing utensils
  5. spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.

Artisanal Black Gardeners Soap Recipe

  • Artisanal Black Charcoal melt and pour soap base: 90%
  • Walnut Shell Powder: 8%
  • Bentonite Clay: 1%
  • Essential Oil 1%


  1. Cut and measure the soap into your heat safe container.
  2. Melt the soap using your choice of heat. (Microwave: 30 second intervals. Hot plate: medium heat)
  3. Once the soap is barely melted (that means there are no solid chunks but it is not boiled) remove or turn off the heat.
  4. Then add in the clay, walnut shell powder, and essential oil.
  5. Slowly mix the soap until it starts to cool and it is noticeably getting more thicker. (this helps the walnut shell and clay stay suspended.)
  6. Once the soap is on the brink of solidification, pour it into your molds.
  7. Spray the tops with alcohol, and let completely cool before taking them out of the molds.


Be sure not to pour the soap too hot, because all of the exfoliates will sink to the bottom.

This artisinal black gardeners soap is also greatly suited for mechanics and craftsmen alike.

Harness the scrubbing power

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