5 Ways to Use Glitter In Bath and Body

5 ways to use glitter in bath and body is a great way to attract those customers who love the glitzy glow of glitter. Glitter can be used in the bath, shower, as well as after bath application. There is no such thing as too much glitter for those who love to shimmer.

5 Ways to Use Glitter In Bath and Body

1) Shimmering Body Wash

5 Ways to Use Glitter In Bath and Body
Suspension Shower Gel With Color Shifting Mica (No Filter!)

Glam up a mundane shower with a shower gel that is sure to please all glitter lovers. Our Suspension Shower Gel can suspend even the largest of glitters. It also evenly disperses the finest of micas to create a beautiful pearlescent effect. The formula is easy to mix, simply add color, fragrance, and your glitter into the gallon. Then close the gallon and shake well until all the glitter is evenly dispersed.

2) Glittery Bath

Bath fizzies are also a great vessel for dispersing glitter into the bath. There are several ways to incorporate a glitter into bath fizzie using our Fizzie Bath Powder. The most common way is adding it throughout the mixture. For a glittery surprise concentrate glitter in the center of the fizzy before you press it together. The regular fizz will dissolve, releasing an explosion of shimmer at the end.

3) Glitter in soap

Our jelly soap base using our rose gold glitter and midnight sky glitter.

Glitter can be used in all kinds of soap. Use it in glycerine soap, cold process soap, jelly soap, and hot process soap. The glitter looks absolutely stunning in a clear soap base such as our Super Clear Melt and Pour soap or our Jelly Soap Base. Depending on the glitter flake, some glitters will suspend better than others. But for opaque soaps like a cold process and white melt and pour, the glitter will only be visible when sprinkled on the top.


4) Hair and Body Glitter Gel

Aloe Gel With Glitter

Use our recipe for DIY hair and body glitter gel to make this wonderful and diverse product. It uses our versatile and moisturizing Aloe Gel Base. You can use glitter or mica for this recipe to add a layer of shimmer to the skin. If you plan on using the glitter gel for the face, we recommend not using fragrance in the recipe, however, you can add fragrance if you are using the glitter gel for the body or hair. You will need to mix your fragrance with a solubilizer before adding it to the aloe gel.

5) Shimmer Body Lotion

Since many of our lotions are so thick and creamy they can handle a good amount of added micas in them. For example, our A, C, and E lotion base is creamy enough to handle up to 3% of a fine mica. You won’t be able to see the mica in the lotion because the lotion is opaque. But once the lotion is spread on the skin the mica will shimmer thru.

To make a shimmery body lotion simply mix 1% light mica of your choice with .5% of a carrier oil and add it into the lotion. Be sure to test out your ratios to make sure you are comfortable with the look. If you use a dark colored mica, it may tint the skin.

These are just 5 ways to use glitter in bath and body. Drop us a line in “comments” to let us know your favorite way of using glitter or mica in our bases.  We’d love to hear from you!






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