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Some fragrances contain Vanilla (Vanillin). Vanillin is an organic compound that forms on the outside of the Vanilla Bean and is one of the components responsible for the unique aroma and flavor of Vanilla. Unfortunately, Vanillin oxidizes naturally, and this oxidation causes fragrance oils containing it to darken in color over time. The oxidation period is determined by many factors including the composition of the formulation, temperature, light and the total vanilla content of the fragrance oil. In some cases where the vanilla content is high, and a product is exposed to low temperatures, the vanilla portion of the fragrance oil will tend to crystallize. This is usually remedied by placing the product in a warmer environment. Once warm, the crystals will melt back into the fragrance oil.

Oxidation of Vanillin is not a bad thing, nor does it affect the throw or integrity of the fragrance. It simply discolors or darkens white or light colored product, and is purely a visual consequence. For example, white lotions or pale colored soaps are most affected. If you wanted your products to naturally color, this would not be an issue and you would welcome the oxidation.


Vanillin Oxidation Sample

What if my final product must be absolutely stable and white?The best solution would be to not use a fragrance oil that contains vanilla. On our website, if a fragrance contains vanilla it is clearly notated under the Product Description and Specifications tabs. Some will list the actual percentage of Vanilla while others will simply say "YES" if the information was not provided to us by the fragrance manufacturer or perfumer.

Vanilla Stabilizer Description


Are you saying my Candy Cane Fragrance Oil has Vanilla in it?  Perhaps,  This is not  a dirty industry secret.  It so happens that Vanilla is used because it caries or enhances other scents of the fragrance composition.  Remember that many fragrance oils contain Vanilla even if it is not clearly spelled out in the fragrance name. For example our Caribbean Punch Fragrance Oil contains 10% Vanilla, while Creamy Coconut Vanilla Fragrance Oil contains only 8.15%. You would think it be the other way around, make sure you check the specifications tab if Vanilla content is important to you.


What if I love a fragrance that contains Vanilla but want to keep it from oxidizing? The answer is a Vanilla Stabilizer. It is used in equal parts to the fragrance oil. Vanilla Stabilizer will not stop the oxidation it will just off-set the oxidation process. This means that your product will visually stay as intended for a longer period of time. Nothing can stop the natural darkening of products that contain Vanillin.

Vanilla Stabilizer is the solution to simply prolong the unavoidable oxidation. You can buy Vanilla Stabilizer here.