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Soap Base Discounts

What makes our soap different?

It all begins with quality. From our bulk shower gel to our natural shampoo base, we use only quality ingredients and manufacture all of our bases on-site. Our soap fragrance oils are pure and offer an incredible array of scents. Our water-soluble massage oil is professional-grade and suitable for a long list of therapeutic applications. Likewise, our shampoo base is salon-quality and goes on silky smooth.

With tenure at such renowned companies as Armour Dial and Neutrogena, our two lead chemists have over 75 years of combined experience. Their skills in research, development, and manufacturing have resulted in outstanding products, from bulk glycerin soap of every description to buttery skin care lotions.

It’s easy to bulk-order. We happily fill industry-low minimum orders to suit your start-up product lines. We can also keep pace with your potential growth. Based on our current facilities we can produce up to 200,000 pounds of soap per week.

It comes straight from the source. Here at Essentials by Catalina we develop our own formulas, source our own raw materials, and manufacture all products. One simply cannot get closer to the source—we are it! Our trained quality-control team carefully inspects everything from individual raw materials to finished products.

Save, save, save!

How the Soap Savings Works
No Discount code needed (savings are automatic)

Mix and match to get a discount The soap bases have been separated into two categories: Traditional and Specialty soap.

To receive a discount, mix and match within the categories.

USPS Flat Rate Shipping Available

Essentials by Catalina has never been in the business of making money on shipping—and we aren’t about to start. We just want to get this great “Melt and Pour” soap base to you as cheaply as possible. That’s why we have started shipping in Flat Rate Priority mail boxes. Flat rate priority mail boxes hold up to 20lbs of soap and ship anywhere in the USA