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Mineral Oil

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Mineral Oil has been a favorite ingredient for of Dry Skin Treatments since it became generally available after WWI.

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Product Description


Mineral Oil

Appearance & Characteristics:

Ultra-clear, lightweight oil

Refined and purified of impurities

Multiple Uses:

  • Lotions
  • Cosmetics
  • Massage Oils
  • Hair Products
  • Benefits

    Mineral oil is a common ingredient in skin care products because of its ability to prevent moisture loss. This property is what has made it a favorite ingredient in all types of Personal Care products. It is especially beneficial for individuals who live in harsh environments with very cold, dry weather. In such cases, the benefits of other ingredients and mineral oil can be very helpful for skin.

    Much of the bad reputation Mineral Oil has stems from the fact that there are many types and classifications of Mineral Oil, with a wide range of purity and quality. Some unscrupulous manufacturers in an attempt to save money, include low quality Mineral Oil in their formulations, leading to widespread but unfounded fears with regard to its safety and effectiveness.

    Our Mineral Oil is sourced from the most reputable suppliers in the industry and is of the highest quality. Our Mineral Oil is crystal clear, lightweight, free of impurities and highly refined.

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