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if I were to sweet almond oil to this base, how would I go about that.
hi i was wondering if there was a way to thin out the glamorous shimmer mist base, what can i mix or add to make it not so gel like
What type of bottle and closure work best for this product for retail purposes?
Where is the IFRA document for this fragrance oil? I looked under documents and didn't find one. Thanks.
Hi, what is the Ph of this formulation?
Is creamy cocony vanilla fragrance oil phatlate free?
Where is the oil and the kernels from?
Hello. May you please tell me if your Palm (RBD) Oil is processed with any chemicals as I was unable to open the spec sheet. Thank you.
Is there a way that I can have you sent this lotion with another companies fragrance oils? If so, do you have a minimum for each scent? Thanks!
Is it Phthalate free?
Are these bottles squeezable?
In what ratio would one add the solubizer/fragrance combo? Where would these additional ingredients then land on the inci list?
If we order a gallon of whipped body frosting base with this fragrance, is vanilla stabilizer added also, can we have it added? We don't want the product to turn brown
Is the source of Hyaluronic Acid vegan?
We are interested in adding this to our line. We don't have any fancy bottling equipment (yet!). Can you recommend a clean and efficient way to package this product? Thank you!
Two questions:1. Does your BV-OSC (Vitamin C) mix with your hyaluronic acid gel cream base?2. Do you sell the hyaluronic acid gel cream base 5 gallon pails?Thanks,Steve
The matrixyl 3000. Is this product to be used with other products as a base or is it for use alone. If it needs to be mixed with a base, would the ACE lotion work for it? Also, how much do I use?
What ingredients are cleansing.? Thanks.
What are the melting points of your artisan MP soaps?