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Is credit card information kept?
Can I avoid paying for California sales tax?
Can you custom formulate a cosmetic base for me?
Why are some products marked as a "No-Fly Item"?
Hello love the new website I was curious does the bases still come scented thank you love your products
What about Soap Jelly samples? Will you offer samples like your other products?
Do you no longer sell the 5 gallon sizes?
Can you send these samples without labels to peel off ?
what is the safe percent of FO to be used?
Any packaging suggestions? Great product, very stable (been experimenting on my own and your formula is the BEST)
Hi. For the 22/400 flip top caps, what is the diameter and orifice size? Thank you!
For the Cosmo bottles does a cap or sprayer come with the bottle or is it sold separately?
Hello~ Where is the ingredients list? I need to let my customers know what is in the lotion that they will be using. Thank you ?
Are your Liquid Colorants safe for bath bombs when using polysorbate 80? Will they stain skin or leave a ring?
Can I see an ingredients list of this Reconstructive Conditioner Base? There is no info on your website.