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Hello, Do you still do Custom Formulation? Such as color and scent, also do you do per-fill products with your packaging bottles/containers?



Yes we still sell custom formulations with scent and color. It's a bit different now in the way you get to it. When viewing the product page click on the black choose options button. Then you can select your size. From here you will be taken to the fragrance options. I hope this helps. As far as custom fill orders we still provide the service for now send an email to with your request. State the base you want, fragrance load, color of product if any, container style and size, closure type (dispensing cap , sprayer, screw cap, etc) and fill requirements like (cosmetic fill to neck or exact fill by weight). We will respond with quote and turnaround time. You can also fill out the custom fill project quote form  and contact us


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