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are these bottles mdpe or hdpe
Is it okay to put essential oils or alcohol based products into these bottles?
Do you no longer sell the 5 gallon sizes?

Bases & Soap Bases

Can a base be ordered in containers larger than gallons or pails?
May I return customized bases?
Can you fill customized bases or fill using my packaging?
Can you custom formulate a cosmetic base for me?
Hello love the new website I was curious does the bases still come scented thank you love your products
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An item I want is out of stock.
How do I order samples?
May I return customized bases?

General & Shipping

Is credit card information kept?
Can I come to your location and shop or pick up an order?
Do you export to other countries?
Can I avoid paying for California sales tax?
I made a mistake on my shipping address. Can you fix it?
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