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Hair Pomade Base


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Our Hair Pomade Base is designed for today's modern man. Our formulation styles and holds your hair effortlessly. Hair stays where you want it, maintaining that classic, pomade, wet look all day long. Or, work it into dry hair and you get a tousled, devil may care look that's so popular with the young crowd these days. Best of all, our Water Soluble Formula rinses clean with every shower, even with daily use!
Hair Pomade Base
Our Hair Pomade Base is designed for today's modern man.
Our formulation styles and holds your hair effortlessly. Hair stays where you want it, maintaining that classic, pomade, wet look all day long. Or, work it into dry hair and you get a tousled, devil may care look that's so popular with the young crowd these days.

An abundance of choice is not always a good thing

A case in point is the current, Men's Hair Styling market. There are so many varieties of products, each one designed for a specific use. It's no wonder many guys give up and buy something familiar or they end up with a product that just doesn't match up with their lifestyle needs..
Not Your Daddy's Greasy Pomade
If you say Hair Pomade, guys immediately picture a 1950's "greaser" type guy. Our Hair Pomade Base will definitely give you that look, but it will also give you so much more!
Hair Pomade in the 50's was almost exclusively oil based, hence the familiar "greaser" tag. It was heavy, hard to wash out, and made you prone to scalp acne. Modern pomades may still be oil based, but the majority are now water soluble, as ours is.
That solubility is the key to our Pomades' versatility! Use it full strength with damp hair for that classic Pomade look. Wet your hands and add to damp hair and you get a less glossy, less structured look. You take a bit more gloss and hold off each time you reduce the moisture in your hair and hands until you end up with an almost matte look and a scrunchable, pliable hold.
Highest Quality Ingredients
Every great product starts with great ingredients.
We take great pride in not rushing a product out to market prematurely; of not chasing after the latest trend just for the cash. We take the time needed to source the best ingredients, like Propanediol.
The Propanediol (1,3 propanediol) that we use is 100% naturally derived, sourced from corn (Zea mays) and is made by the fermentation of corn sugar. This ingredient has approval from EcoCert™ (an international recognized natural and organic seal) and the Natural Product Association (US based natural personal care certification). We use it a s a substitute for propylene glycol in our Pomade Base. Not only is it a better product for your hair, it carries none of the negative stigma recently associated with Glycol products. We work hard to make it easy for you to market and speak positively about our products. That means we take the time to find these exceptional ingredients and do extensive, real world testing to modify and improve our product.

Our Hair Pomade Base is amazing as is but it can also be fully customized by adding one of our Great Scents, Additives or Extracts.

Requires a unique solubilizing agent to allow you to fully incorporate Fragrances to your Hair Pomade Base. You can find it here: Hair Pomade Solubilizer.

  • Fragrance Load: 1% is the recommended Max Fragrance Load
  • Characteristics: Clear viscous gel
  • Colorant: Please note that we will not add colorant to this formula.
  • Directions for use: About a quarter size dollop is enough to style your hair.

  • Our Hair Pomade is available in Bulk Wholesale Quantities and is made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Please call us for additional information regarding larger, drum size, bulk wholesale quantities.
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    Customer Reviews

    Review by (Posted on )
    Fab just have a question
    I tried this product that was given to me by a friend, I loved it and I want to order my own. I have curly hair and often mix pomade or gels with conditioner to help tame my locks. So my question is have you tried to, or can you tell me if this will mix with your Reconstructive Conditioner without causing the conditioner to "separate" and clump up?

    Wendy, Both The Hair Pomade and the reconstructive Hair Conditioner are great product but not mixed together. I had the lab attempt to mis them without success. The Hair pomade clumps when added the the conditioner. When slightly heated the surfactant in the Hair Pomade Breaks down the conditioner. Perhaps it would be best to use then as a two step process. We are glad you are enjoying the Hair Pomade.

    Review by (Posted on )
    I Love Love Love this Hair Pomade! Just wish you could add the fragrance for me though, to take less time for me, lol! But at least I can mix and match or play with fragrances. Better than Suavecito and Layrite in my opinion. Others will try to copy it, but this one is the best.
    Review by (Posted on )
    It's a Great Pomade!
    The only problem I have is in the melting of the pomade especially, if I want to do a gallon at a time and then adding the solubilizer and 1oz fragrance. A gallon is a lot to melt but I need to do that to keep up with demand!

    **Essentials by Catalina Responds: Thank you for the great review, we are glad to hear that you can hardly keep up with demand! We have had the best results in melting down larger batches of pomade slowly in a double boiler. Restaurant Supply stores and websites have the best selection in sizes, worth the initial investment, for sure!

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    Product questions

    I would like to have at least two different types of holding strength for my Pomade, for example a Regular Hold and a Super Hold. Do you have something that can help?
    Hello! When we were testing we notice that adding extra solubilizer made the hold slightly more firm and a bit thicker. We tried double the amount. You can try that and see if it gives you the result you want. If not then the next thing would be to add a liquid PVP. You will need to test various percentages until you get the hold you want. Here is a link to the liquid solution: LIQUID PVP-K SOLUTION
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    What ingredients are in your Pomade solubilizer?
    Good Morning, The Pomade Solubilizer is PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Thank you
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    Is the pomade suitable for vegetarians?

    Hello Imani,

    Yes, our Hair Pomade Base is actually Vegan.


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    In what ratio would one add the solubizer/fragrance combo? Where would these additional ingredients then land on the inci list?

    Hello Laura,

    When adding fragrance to the pomade we recommend a 1:5 ratio of Fragrance to Solubilizer, or 1% fragrance oil and 5% Solubilizer. We also list the mixing instructions under the mixing tab on the product page. Below you will find an ingredient listing that includes both added items.

    Thank you

    Deionized Water, Ceteareth-25, Glycerin, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Propanediol, PVP, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

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