Here at Esssentials by Catalina we formulate, source materials for and manufacture personal care products at a wholesale/commercial level. Our main focus is creating robust formulas called "bases" which are meant to be modified into a finished product. Bases are stable, unfinished personal care products including: lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner, pomade and much more. Bases are typically colorless and odorless, however some bases do have a characteristic smell or color. Our customers use bases as a starting point to design a product. They make it thiers by adding botanical extracts, essential oils, fragrances, colors, packaging, branding, etc. The product is then marketed and sold as thier own creation. As products are made a line emerges and a business is born. Gain access to better prices as your volume grows. Using EBC bases in lieu of research and development allows crafters/entrepreneurs to act on market trends and seasonal needs quickly & without worrying about scalability. Not having to worry about your own formulation or base production will free up time for you to market your products, promote your business and get into stores. Just got your beauty line into a network of stores? Don't worry, we can handle the volume. It is rare for production needs to be out of our capabilities but when this happens we offer the formula for sale. Don't know what to make? Take a look as some inspiring ideas on our blog. We regularly release creations which utilize bases and many of our fun additives.