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Biosil EFA

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Biosil EFA contains 2 EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) which are essential building blocks in every cell.

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Linoleic Acid (and)

Linolenic Acid (and)



Biosil EFA contains 2 EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) which are essential building blocks in every cell. They keep beneficial substances locked within cells while blocking harmful ones out. Brittle and dry hair is a sign of deficiency. While it is important to obtain EFAs through proper nutrition, topical applications can also be of great benefit.

Linoleic and linolenic acid are vitamin F omega 3/omega 6 essential fatty acids.  These long chain fatty acids are essential since the body must obtain them from outside sources and cannot synthesize them. They also give the skin and hair greater fluidity by maintaining transdermal water loss.


Skincare products ranging from cleansers to face creams can benefit. Use it in hair care products, especially conditioners. It is also good for nail/cuticle care products. Biosil EFA is water soluble so it is easy to incorporate into massage products.

1.0% - 5.0% maximum. Testing is required for compatibility with individual bases.

As with all ingredients, we highly suggest testing in small amounts before use in a large batches and performing a skin patch test. Even though the extracts are natural, everyone's skin is different and some may experience sensitivity.


Essentials By Catalina is not responsible for product compatibility. We encourage everyone to sample prior to committing to larger quantities giving you a chance to test the product for product performance, compatibility and safety. Keep all product out of reach of children

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