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Benzophenone-4 Powder

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A photostabilizer and sunscreen agent used for its ability to absorb UV rays. It helps prevent the integrity of other cosmetic ingredients from deteriorating under the sun.

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Benzophenone-4 is widely used to safeguard cosmetics and personal care products from deterioration by absorbing, reflecting, or scattering UV rays. Benzophenone ingredients absorb and dissipate UV radiation, which serves as a protection for cosmetics and personal care products.

Suggested percentage: 2.0 - 6.0%

Appearance and Usage

2.0% - 6.0%

Recommended usage 2-6% EU standards suggest staying under 5%. It will be necessary to dissolve the powder in DI water which you should preserve. Solution should be mixed as follows:

  • 20% Benzophenone-4
  • 79% DI or Distilled water
  • 1% preservative (ideally, the same one already in the lotion formula)

Testing for desired results is recommended but we suggest 1.0% - 3.0% in sprayers, up to 5.0% in aloe gels, and maximum of 10.0% in lotions and conditioners.

Mix until dissolved. Add into formula at 1%.


Essentials By Catalina is not responsible for product compatibility. We encourage everyone to sample prior to committing to larger quantities giving you a chance to test the product for product performance, compatibility and safety. Keep all product out of reach of children

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