All the products have an availability attribute assigned to them do denote their long term availability. This is not indicative of the current stock of the item, but how often you can expect that item to be stocked. Below all the different types of availabilities are listed and what they mean.

Stock Item

This type of item is either manufactured at our in-house facilities or we have ongoing purchase orders when the stock gets low. This type of item can be expected to have a steady stock with minimal periods of being out of stock.


Surplus items are typically over-run of production batches, an oversight and we end up with too much of a customized base, or clients decided to go with another fragrance or tweak the formula. For this reason, surplus items are limited to the current stock on hand and it is unlikely that they will be restocked. Prices are typically greatly reduced because we need to make room here at our Essentials by Catalina warehouse.

Closeout Item

This type of item has a stock under 1000 units and will be be restocked once the current stock is depleted. Closeout items are often offered at a discounted price.

Discontinued Item

This item is no longer offered.

Special Purchase Item

This type of item is either a product that we will offer until stock is depleted or an item that is no longer in stock, but available for purchase via a special order at larger quantities.

Seasonal Item

Seasonal items are only available seasonally. Keep in mind that seasonal items don't always correspond to holidays or seasons, but might be offered only during a certain part of the year.