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Artisanal Hemp Sulfate Free Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base

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Hemp Seed Oil naturally has antibacterial properties making it great for soap bases. This soap base is vegan!
20 Pound Soap Block
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Product Description

Artisanal Hemp Sulfate Free M&P Soap Base

Our Sulfate Free Hemp Seed Oil Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base uses a synergistic blend of moisturizing oils.

Our Virgin Hemp Seed Oil is produced from 100% shelled hemp seed that is sustainably grown, without herbicides or pesticides. Contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Hemp Oil naturally has antibacterial properties making it great for soap bases.

Color is not added to our Artisanal Sulfate Free Hemp Seed Oil M&P Glycerin Soap Base. The soap will have a green tint due to some of the botanical ingredients.


Quality is our top priority. We work hard to formulate with as many plant-derived, environmentally friendly ingredients possible.

A trained QC team is dedicated to the review and inspection of both raw materials and finished products. We only deliver the best quality product possible, as you, our customer should expect.


With tenure at such companies as Armour Dial and Neutrogena, our lead chemists have over 75 years of combined experience in the research, development, soap manufacturing, personal care items, and custom cosmetic product lines. Your questions will never go unanswered at Essentials By Catalina, whether the question is regarding technical information, product usage, or simply sharing of ideas.


Proudly manufactured at our facility in Corona, California. Our state-of-the-art equipment, 20,000 square foot facility, and experienced team is capable of producing 200,000 pounds of soap product per week. Availability will never be a problem. Never tested on animals.


May be combined with most Essential Oils and Fragrances, as well as Colors and Pigments. It is an excellent base for aromatherapy soaps and other mood enhancing products.

Our Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Base is easy to use. It can be Easily melted using a double boiler. A microwave will also work if melted with caution in small time increments. Once melted, colorants, fragrance, essential oils, and other additives can be added to the soap. Pour into a mold, silicone molds work great, and allow to cool. Once thoroughly cooled, unmold loaf and slice into individual soaps. So Simple!

Creativity is the key to outstanding glycerin soaps. Soap molds can be used to make loafs of soap which are then cut once the soap cools. Try different things, such as cupcake molds, tubes, or candy and chocolate molds. Try embedding items into the soaps; Kids love seeing bath toys popping out of the soap. Also, a combination of soap bases can be used to either create soap swirls or embed chunks and designs. The possibilities are endless!

Soap is shipped in a bulk block that is unscented and uncolored.

Additional Information

Unit Size 20 Pound Soap Block
Country of Origin

Learn to Use

Start by melting the Soap Base in a double boiler, a microwave oven will also work.

DO NOT allow the Soap to boil.

Once the soap is in liquid form, add your Fragrance or Essentials Oils. Usually no more than one (1) tsp per Lb of Soap Base is all you need. Do not add scent until the soap has cooled below the fragrance's flash point. Other additives may be incorporated at this stage.

Pour into your mold and let rest until solid, silicone molds work best for most applications, wood block molds are great for bulk quantities. Once soap has fully cooled, un-mold and wrap, your soaps are now ready!.


Glycerin is a naturally occurring alcohol compound and component of many lipids.
, Deionized Water
Water that has had almost all of its mineral ions removed, such as cations like sodium, calcium, iron, and copper, and anions such as chloride and sulfate.
, Sorbitol
Sorbitol, or glucitol as it is sometimes called, is a slow-metabolizing sugar alcohol derived from fruits, corn and seaweed. It has moisturizing qualities and can be used in lotions, moisturizing soaps, and other personal care products.
, Sodium Cocoate
Sodium cocoate is the sodium salt of fatty acids from coconut oil, lauric acid is the primary component of this oil. It functions as a surfactant.
, Sodium Stearate
Sodium stearate is a sodium salt of stearic acid. it is a naturally occurring fatty acid, it can also found in natural ingredients such as shea butter. It is a fine, white powder.
, Virgin Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil
Hemp seed oil is a natural moisturizer and can help to make your skin feel smooth and soft while acting as a barrier and preventing moisture loss.
, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil
soybean is used as a skin conditioning agent, surfactant, and a viscosity increasing agent.
, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil
Good for all skin types, highly moisturizing and soothing to the skin. Safflour oil creates a barrier on the skin preventing the skin from loosing moisture.
, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil
Jojoba Oil is a known known skin moisturizer. It is rich in iodine and antioxidants. Although it is an oil, it does not clog pores.
, Organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract
Aloe Vera has skin conditioning and soothing properties.
, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate)
Tocopheryl acetate is a chemical compound that consists of acetic acid and tocopherol (vitamin E). It functions as an antioxidant and a skin conditioning agent.

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This is my favorite Hemp Soap base and is Vegan Friendly. I love it. Natural color and natural "nutty" hemp smell. Can't wait to order more. Lathers pretty good too. My favorite.

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